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Please Help Tom Ballman Beat Chronic Lyme Disease

Recently, a family member of mine was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My sister's longtime live-in boyfriend and life partner, Tom Ballman, has been getting progressively ill over the last two years and had no idea why. Although they are thrilled to finally have a diagnosis and begin treatment, the recovery process is a complex and expensive one. Many of the treatment modalities are not covered by their insurance.

In addition, it's a painful and draining experience as the sufferer of Lyme goes through what is called the "Herxheimer Reaction," a multitude of debilitating symptoms (physical, mental, and emotional) that cause them to get much worse before they can begin to get better. It's caused by poisonous toxins released into the body from the dying bacteria. The toxins are produced much faster than the body can eliminate them, resulting in a multi-system inflammatory response. I never knew much about Lyme Disease before this happened, and I must admit I'm shocked at how devastating it can be to the person diagnosed and their loved ones- in so many ways.

My sister has been caring for Tom as he fights with everything he has against this disease. He's been unable to work and she's had to cut back on her hours significantly to help him though this. She recently started a fundraiser to help with his mounting medical expenses and I want to spread the word.

Read more about Tom's story and find out how you can help here:

If you are able and would like to donate and/or share, I thank you very much in advance on their behalf. Every $1, share, comment, and like will help more than you know.


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