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Tandem Paragliding in Palermo, Sicily | Parapendio In Tandem Sicilia

All Roads Lead To Adventure | EPISODE 8 Join me as I soar like a bird high above the breathtaking Sicilian coastline on my first ever tandem paragliding flight in Palermo. From our 500 meter hillside takeoff, unforgettable maneuvers over a sea of turquoise, to the soft as a feather landing on a sandy beach at Finale di Pollina- this experience was true perfection in every way. With over 35 years of combined flight experience and more than 6,000 customers since 2007, Vincenzo and Gaspare of Parapendio In Tandem Sicilia are pioneers of the sport of paragliding in Sicily. My pilot Vincenzo even let me fly the wing when I told him I was planning to get a paragliding license! As a Sicilian girl who dreams about flying all the time, this was one of the most meaningful and incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Total proof that the best way to see Sicily is from the sky! For More Info:

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Andria Lea

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